The Australia New Zealand MBA Directors Forum was established in 2006 and is an important event for MBA and Masters Directors to connect, learn and celebrate.

Education at all levels around the world is being challenged and as we sprint towards the 4th Industrial Revolution our lives and work as we know is changing forever.

So how do we, as educators, mentors and business leaders, adapt to this immense change so that we can provide responsive solutions for people. How do we as an integrated community create a future that will impact our society so that our environment is not only economically viable and sustainable but also socially aware and accepting of diversity.

In 2019, the Australia New Zealand MBA Directors Forum will establish a vibrant platform for educators, business leaders and government to engage, debate and discuss solutions fit for purpose for the future.

We look forward to launching the 2019 program in the coming months and to welcoming you to Melbourne in May 2019.

Managing Director
Libby Marshall

Dr Richard David Hames

Founder and CEO of Steam Capital Libby Marshall is fascinated by the role people play in shaping their own success – particularly as Australian, New Zealand and global industries face significant disruption of the modern era.

Her vision is to challenge the barriers that exist between individuals, business and education – enabling greater connectivity, understanding and impact of education and aspiration – exploring the best solutions for people and business as workforce changes impact the way we work and live.

As a thought leader on preparedness for the future of work, career transition and employability, Libby is a proponent of the Steam Capital Future Talent Pre-requisites and her “Whole Person” agenda.

Her career has spanned more than 30 years’ with experience in business working in a diverse range of industries including tourism, sport, government, not-for-profit, energy and education.  She has worked in the UK, France and Australia, within the disciplines of strategy, people development, employability, talent acquisition, organisational capability and capacity, marketing, communications and event management.

In recent years, Libby has participated in and advised organisers of global conferences and summits on the future of work and education.  Most notably, the MBA Career Services and Employers Alliance conference in Shanghai and Hong Kong (March 2017 & March 2018) and other employment and education conferences in San Francisco, Washington DC, Hong Kong and Singapore.

When building and developing the capability and capacity of people, Libby brings a depth and breadth of knowledge highly valued by business, industry and candidates alike. Her expertise in uncovering individual career pathways, as well as creating organisational talent acquisition and management strategies, provides a unique combination. She holds a strong track record identifying emerging employment trends and business needs and has earned a highly regarded reputation for connecting people to business and business to people.

She is the Managing Director of the Australia New Zealand MBA Directors Forum, a current MBA Coach at the University of Sydney Business School, Director of MS Queensland, Co-chair of the MBA Career Services and Employers Alliance 2018 Asia Conference (Hong Kong) and lead consultant for the 2018 GMAC Asia Pacific Conference to be held in Mumbai November 2018.

During her career, she has held board directorships with Tourism and Events Queensland and the Celebrate Queensland Committee (Australia Day Council Queensland).  Libby holds post graduate qualifications in HR and Business, is an MBA graduate of the University of Queensland and a certified Myer Briggs Practitioner.